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Incorporated in 1981, Rock Art, Ltd and Precision Epoxy has developed products that not only sets the standard but is the sole provider for our unique services. The highest compliment that can be received is when others, who are the leaders in their field, use and recommend your products and services.

Ten years ago, I wrote a paper outlining the correct procedures in setting up a robotic space flight simulator that uses air bearing to simulate space flight on our Precision Epoxy Air Bearing Floors and Movable Platforms. The observations in the paper were compiled from problems I was witnessing at various institutions during our installations that specifically involved the lack of a true flight path due to rotation of the satellite robotic unit. The design techniques I proposed were adapted by New-Way Air Bearings, the leader and primary supplier of the air bearings used for aerospace testing and is still the standard of design today.

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No one has developed Epoxy Surface Plates, Precision Air Bearing Floors and Movable Platforms to such an art form as Precision Epoxy, let us bring that passion to your project . . .

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United Kingdom


Everyone at Precision Epoxy wants to welcome
Justin Jamieson and
JCE Custom Epoxy Resins
as our representative in the United Kingdom.
The amazing epoxy work that Justin has created over the years
and his invaluable help on projects we have completed in the UK recently
makes this collaboration a perfect fit for both our companies moving into the future.
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