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Epoxy Surface Plate

The Perfect Set-Up Starts with the most
Accurate Surface Plate Available



Precision Epoxy MotorSport Set-Up Plate




The Epoxy Precision Surface Plate was developed by and available from

Precision Epoxy Products

    Serving the Motor Sports Industry, our Pro Plate System can be professionally installed at any size desired or we offer lesser versions that can be applied by the Do-It-Yourselfer. The Epoxy Surface Plate offers all the advantages of our full Epoxy Floor Systems including ease of cleaning, outstanding chemical resistance, excellent scratch and impact resistance with an unbelievable cosmetic value as a bonus.

    The Epoxy Surface Plate will become an irreplaceable set-up tool that makes your shop complete while allowing for all your other set-up tools to perform as they should. No more using that 'level enough' spot on your floor with location marks to try and achieve accuracy or wondering if it is time to adjust that steel plate again. The Epoxy Surface Plate eliminates any and all guess work by providing a perfectly level and perfectly flat floor surface all the time.

    We are talking 'Dead Level' (0.003 of an inch or better) not just close. With the Floor Plate Epoxies FP-85 and FP-80, simply pour into a framed out area of any size to produce an exactly level floor or table top surface. Scaling, ride heights, suspension geometry and body work are all performed better on a level surface, index with complete accuracy at any point on the surface plate plane. The 3-pour design of the Pro Epoxy Surface Plate can have any type of graphics, vinyl decals or reference points laminated between the color coat and final clear coat pour. Create that personal touch with a team logo. Wheeled objects are easily rolled on and off the plate working area with the troweled Santex border ramped from the surface plate plane to the original floor in a matching or contrasting color.

    The Epoxy Surface Plate has superior flatness and cosmetics for a lower cost than comparable steel plates, and unlike steel plates, will not flex with temperature or sag under their own weight. Steel plates have to be constantly adjusted to try and maintain level. Once the Epoxy Surface Plate is installed, it will never need adjusting, it will always stay level. In order to get a steel plate that comes even close to the accuracy of the Epoxy Plate, you would need a piece that is 10 ft x 20 ft and 2 inches thick (weighing in at over 16,000 pounds). The steel plate would need to be machined on the top side by a source with a large enough Blanchard Grinder. Then the steel plate is delivered to your door. Now you have to decide on the grid size and drill threaded holes at each grid point, install adjusting jack bolts and start adjusting until you are satisfied with the plate's levelness. Finally you weld on your skirts or ramps and start using the steel plate until it has to be adjusted again.

    Our standard Pro Epoxy Surface Plate installations are 'Turn Key' projects from start to finish. Everything is included for one price from floor prep to completed plate ready to use. The Epoxy Surface Plate has a compressive strength of 17,500 psi with a shore D hardness of 85. The Epoxy Surface Plate can be installed on top of the concrete substrate, flush with the concrete substrate, with scales flush in the plate or as a part of a hydraulic or mechanical lift system.


     Precision Epoxy MotorSport Set-Up Plate / with Scale Pockets Precision Epoxy MotorSport Set-Up Plate / with Scale Pockets


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Steel Plate Mounting Platform
For Additional Information Click Here

If you are still using or are still convinced that a steel surface plate is the way to go or your budget forces you to share the duties of fabrication work and set-up work on the same steel floor plate, we have good news for you. Precision Epoxy has developed the Steel Plate Mounting Platform for your floor. The epoxy mounting platform can be of any size or shape desired and after installation, provides a perfect floor surface on which your steel plate lays. The steel plate can now be much thinner, less costly and provide greater accuracy and reliability because it is supported underneath by 100% of its surface area. This means you eliminate the need for adjustable jack bolts to level a steel plate that sits on uneven concrete floors. It also eliminates the drawbacks and constant manpower to keep a normal steel floor plate level from flexing or sagging under its own weight.



Precision Epoxy MotorSport Set-Up Plate



                    Key Benefits of the Epoxy Surface Plate:
                    ·        Turn-Key Installation

                    ·        Superior Accuracy

                    ·        Cosmetic Value

                    ·        No Adjusting to Stay Level

                    ·        Larger Work Area than possible with Steel



Precision Epoxy MotorSport Set-Up Plate



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