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Steel Plate Mounting Platform

The Perfect Set-Up Starts with the most
Accurate Surface Plate Available


The Epoxy Surface Plate can be used as the mounting platform for a steel plate application. The Steel Surface Plate has been the standard of the Motorsports Industry for set-up work since that first jig table had its legs removed and was laid on the floor so that a car could be rolled on and off and the first steel floor plate was born. Since that time fabricators have been trying to improve on this idea to try and make the use of a steel plate more reliable. We developed the Epoxy Surface Plate because there was a need for a set-up plate with even greater accuracy and reliability as the technological aspects of racing evolved. If you are still using or are still convinced that a steel surface plate is the way to go or your budget forces you to share the duties of fabrication work and set-up work on the same steel floor plate, we have good news for you. Precision Epoxy has developed the Steel Plate Mounting Platform for your floor. The epoxy mounting platform can be of any size or shape desired and after installation, provides a perfect floor surface on which your steel plate lays. The steel plate can now be much thinner, less costly and provide greater accuracy and reliability because it is supported underneath by 100% of its surface area. This means you eliminate the need for adjustable jack bolts to level a steel plate that sits on uneven concrete floors. It also eliminates the drawbacks and constant manpower to keep a normal steel floor plate level from flexing or sagging under its own weight.


The Epoxy Sub-Plate is poured and ready for steel placement


The Steel Plate Mounting Platform is constructed by forming out the desired area and making multiple pours of our Floor Plate Epoxy to level the concrete substrate as needed. Each pour is made at a thickness of ¼ inch and a rate of 6.4 square feet per gallon. The number of pours needed is determined by how far off the concrete substrate is and how much epoxy material it requires to level. The finished epoxy mounting base yields a surface that is level to 0.003 inch or better and will have a compressive strength of 17,500 psi. Once the epoxy mounting platform is completed your steel plate is positioned on top and your ramp skirts are installed. Your new Steel Floor Plate will have accuracy and reliability like never before and will maintain its accuracy without constant adjustments. The Steel Plate Mounting Platform can be professionally installed or we can provide tools, materials and tech support for Do-It-Yourself installations. Substrate preparation, location of job-site, size of project, additional pours to level substrates more than ¼ inch off, travel and/or freight cost, special equipment needed, unusual factors associated with project, etc all contribute to the pricing of professional applications.


Placement of the 1st of 4 steel sections


Steel sections are laser cut for precise fit with pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes


4 sections in place and anchored


The Steel Plate Mounting Platform can obviously be installed as a part of a new steel plate installation project. The Steel Plate Mounting Platform can also be installed as an upgrade to an existing steel surface plate already in use. This simply requires moving the existing steel plate aside, installing the epoxy mounting base and replacing the steel plate to its original location. The steel plate can also be anchored in place as needed by drilling through epoxy mounting base into concrete substrate, installing anchor bolts and/or hardware and securing. This will eliminate thinner steel plates from curling or straighten older plates that may have been twisted or bent out of plane.


Accuracy that is available every time this Surface Plate System is used



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